[OFFICAL/ VID] 20160509 – Pentagon Individual Round Compilation EP.2

[20160509] Kino’s Eye-Catching Dance Moves


[20160509] Yeo One, the Straight Arrow’s Upright Life


[20160509] Woo Seok’s SWAG Life


[20160509] Jin Ho’s 2.762-day Journey Toward His Debut


[20160509] E.Dawn’s “Solo Diss Battle”


[20160509] When God was Making Shin Won


[20160509] Yuto, the Manly Guy’s Idea of “Reaction”


[20160509] Hui, the Charismatic Leader’s Surprising Charm


[20160509] Yan An, the Porcelain-Skinned Hottie’s 4 Attractive Qualities


[20160509] All about Hong Seok? Mommy Hong Seok


Source: Mnet M2 Official YouTube Channel


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