[20160523] Announcement of the Overall Rankings & the Pentagraph Results in Third Week Mission


[20160523] A Special Panel of Judges Surprise Pentagon!

Special Appearance: BEAST members Yang Yo Seob and Yong Jun Hyung.


[20160523] Team E.Dawn Delivers a Striking Performance!

Team E.Dawn: E.Dawn, Hui, Hong Seok, Shin Won, Kino and Wooseok


[20160523 – cut] Team E.Dawn’s Cover – Good Luck (Originally by BEAST)


[20160523] Team Jin Ho Gives BEAST Goose Bumps with Their Jaw-Dropping Vocals

Team Jin Ho: Jin Ho, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto


[20160523 – cut] Team Jin Ho’s Cover – On Rainy Days (Originally by BEAST)


[20160623] Who’s the MVP of Pentagon Selected by Yang Yo Seob and Yong Jun Hyung?



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