[OFFICIAL/ VID] 20160524 – Individual Round Compilations Ep.4

SHIN WON Officially Opens a Fashion School!

Featured members: Yuto & Woo Seok


HUI the Leader Gets to Be the “Baby of the Group” for 24 Hours!


JIN HO, teh Oldest Member Turns into A Cutie!

Featured members: Hui, E.Dawn & Yuto


HONG SEOK Makes a Special B-Day Gift for Jin Ho!


E.DAWN Gives Hong Seok an Underwear in Hot Pink!


YUTO is Given a Challenge to Make Pentagon Laugh!

Featured Members: Hui, E.Dawn & Kino


YAN AN Must Come Out of His Shell Part.2: Emergence Genius Yan An


YEO ONE Gets His Patience Tested and It’s All Caught on the Hidden Camera


WOO SEOK Finds the Ideal Type for Pentagon Members!


KINO Masters Girl Group Dance Moves!

Featured members: Hong Seok & Woo Seok


Source: Mnet M2 Official YouTube Channel


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