YUTO Turns into a Detective to Uncover a Mystery!

Featured members: Shin Won, Woo Seok & E.Dawn

KINO-razzi Exposes the Personal Lives of Pentagon!


HUI Hits the High Notes Like No Other!

Featured members: Hong Seok, Shin Won, Yeo One, Yan An & Kino


JIN HO, Gives a Shot at Being the Sub-Rapper! “Show-Me-the-JinHo”?

Featured members: E.Dawn, Yuto & Woo Seok


SHIN WON the Short-Tempered, Gets His Patience Tested!

Featured members: Jin Ho, Hui, E.Dawn & Woo Seok


WOO SEOK Aims to Become the Top 1% of the Youngest Member

Featured members: Jin Ho, Hui, Hong Seok, E.Dawn & Shin Won


YEO One, the Method Acting Genius!

Featured members: Hui, Hong Seok, E.Dawn, Shin Won & Kino


HONG SEOK Gives Book Reccomendations!


E.DAWN Opens a Counseling Center of His Fellow Members

Featured members: Hui, Shin Won, Yan An


YAN AN’s Chinese Language Class for His Bandmates

Featured members: Shin Won & Woo Seok


Source: Mnet M2 Official YouTube Channel