[OFFICIAL/ VID/ CUT] 20160606 & 20160611 – Team Performance Compilations Ep. 6

[6-1] One-on-One Battle, Brutal Performance is Begin!


[6-2] Yeo One vs Shin Won, Emotional Vocal Front Game!


[CUT] Shin Won – Drifting Apart (Written by Hui)


[CUT] Yeo One – Then I Wonder (Originally by Sung Shi Kyung)


[6-3] Kino vs Yuto, Brillian Performance Battle!


[CUT] Yuto – Good Day (Originally by Tyga)


[CUT] Kino – Fools (Originally by Troye Sivan)


[6-4] E.Dawn vs Woo Seok, Rapper Line Pride Battle!


[CUT] E.Dawn – Organic Song (Written by E.Dawn)


[CUT] Woo Seok – Gold Digger (Originally by Kanye West)


[6-5] Yan An vs Hong Seok, Nectarous Ballad Battle!


[CUT] Yan An – Nothing Like Us (Originally by Justin Bieber)


[CUT] Hong Seok – Stalker (Originally by 10cm)


[6-6] Hui vs Jin Ho, Main Vocal Real Pride Battle!


[CUT] Hui – Want to Want Me (Originally by Jason Derulo)


[CUT] Jin Ho – Can’t Feel My Face (Originally by The Weeknd)


[6-7] One-on-One Battle, Announcement the Voting Result!



20160606 – Mnet M2 Official YouTube Channel

20160611 – Cut from  Pentagon 펜타곤 Romania YouTube Channel



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