[NEWS/ ENG] Cube Unveils Secret Weapon of PENTAGON… Debut Teaser of 10 Members has been Released


[xsportsnewd – Reporter Jung Ji Won] Cube had been ambitious prepared their boy group, PENTAGON and unveils their secrets.

Upcoming PENTAGON debut would be on October 10 at 00.00 KST with their first mini album ‘펜타곤 (PENTAGON)’. According the sources from a few online sites which published on October 4 that confirmed the taser of 10 members ahead their upcoming debut.

The image teasers of PENTAGON members left a stong impression in various poses with a costume that shows each members’ consept. The image teasers of PENTAGON uses “School and School” concept, day and night, also implies a strong determination that shows 180 degree another different face.

5 months ago, through the program ‘Mnet Interactive Idol making Project’ entitled ‘Pentagon Maker’ for the first time introduced Pentagon to the music industry and shows their vocal skill and performance.

Leader of the group, Hui had been contributed on making song ‘귀 좀 막아줘 (Organic Song)’ and ‘유 아 (You are)’ as composer. Also rapper E.Dawn who wrotes the lyrics for ‘귀 좀 막아줘 (Organic Song)’, and ‘미지근해 (Lukewarm)’, also intro song ‘웨이크 업 (Wake Up)’.  Maknae Woo Seok also particapted on making song ‘귀 좀 막아줘 (Organic Song)’, involves the participaton on dance moves and vocal base. Whereby the composing song ability is expected to show the evaluation that their achieve before.

Especially, E.Dawn had been prepared the Rap for ‘고릴라 (Gorilla)’, to shows PENTAGON’s color through this debut song.

‘고릴라 (Gorilla)’ is the first song of PENTAGON that shows the grandeur and charm with strong energy and as the PENTAGON’s weapon with intense beat and full of masculinity in hip hop music and rap also vocal with shining performance.

Back then to the 2012, 4 years ago when BtoB debuted Cube reveals their secret weapon, PENTAGON with members Jin Ho, Hui, Hong Seok, E.Dawn, Shin Won, Yeo One, Kino and Woo Seok, the eight members are domestic members (Korean), Chinese member Yan An and Japanese member Yuto. The ten-members group is the global group.


jeewonjeong@sportsnews.com/ Picture by Cube

*The translation might be inaccurate.





Source: naver

Eng trans by JHnimm @pentagonina


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